We combine the agility of diverse AI Agents with distributed hosting and standards-based authentication — all within a robust ecosystem.

This structure not only drives the future of AI Agency but also promotes a collaborative model of innovation. At Agience, every participant contributes to and benefits from the ecosystem’s growth.

The essence of Agience is encapsulated in our unified platform — a marketplace where the roles of People, Builders, Hosts, and Experts converge. This ecosystem is a space for the functionalities of AI Agents to be exchanged and expanded upon; Hosts provide essential computational power for smooth operation, Builders transform raw data into actionable insights, while Experts supply the high-quality information that Agents rely on to learn and adapt.

We power a symbiosis where AI extends and enhances human capabilities. Within our ecosystem, the co-creation of value and the exchange of expertise are encouraged, supported and rewarded. It thrives on the active participation of its members, recognizing and compensating each contribution.

Each role plays a critical part in the ecosystem’s lifecycle. Here’s how:


People drive demand, utilizing AI agents to execute tasks and processes. Their needs and feedback fuel the continuous evolution of the platform. People also embody other roles in the ecosystem simultaneously and seamlessly.


Builders respond to the demand by creating and refining AI functions and plugins, injecting the ecosystem with innovative solutions that push the boundaries of human-computer interaction. Builders are rewarded based on the usage of their contributions within the ecosystem. This merit-based compensation encourages the continuous creation of innovative and valuable resources.


Hosts provide the essential infrastructure, ensuring that AI agents operate smoothly across diverse environments, from cloud-based systems to localized networks. Hosts are compensated based on the computational resources they contribute, with a focus on availability, reliability, and the operational efficiency of the agents they support. This creates a sustainable model that benefits both the hosts for their infrastructure support and the entire Agience ecosystem for its operational needs.


Experts enrich the ecosystem with their knowledge, offering data and insights that improve the capability of AI Agents, ensuring they operate at optimal performance.


The Agience Ecosystem serves as a central hub where the value created by Builders, Hosts, and Experts is quantified and rewarded. It is where the contributions of each ecosystem participant are recognized with a transparent and secure system backed by Blockchain technology — ensuring that compensation and rewards are distributed based on the tangible impact and utility of each contribution.