Frequently Asked Questions

Agience (pronounced like "Agents") is a cutting-edge platform designed for the creation, deployment, and management of distributed AI Agents. Its blockchain-backed ecosystem facilitates seamless interaction between People, Builders, Hosts, and Experts, encouraging collaboration in AI development and application.

Agience stands out with its distributed hosting, straightforward web-based management, and secure authentication, all integrated into a user-friendly ecosystem. This combination ensures that our platform is accessible not just to developers but to anyone aiming to leverage AI in their daily lives. It's this ease of use and broad accessibility that truly sets Agience apart, enabling People to effortlessly harness the power of their own AI Agency.

Yes, developers can create and deploy their own AI Agents using our simple SDK. The platform currently supports .NET, offering an open-source development platform for a wide range of applications. Future releases will support other platforms such as Python and Node.js.

You can contribute to the Agience ecosystem in various ways: as a Builder by developing AI Agents, as a Host by offering computational resources, or as an Expert by sharing knowledge. Compensation is based on your contribution's impact. No need for technical expertise or advanced degrees — anyone can participate. Builders include both developers and curators; Hosts can use their own setup or our cloud service. Normal use of the platform can also generate valuable, anonymized data to enrich the community as an Expert.