Leveraging a distributed architecture, the Agience platform ensures seamless scalability and resilience, enabling robust performance across global operations.

Designed to streamline the way People create, manage, and deploy their AI Agents and Agencies,
you can easily:

Empower your Agents

with innovative Functions and Plugins crafted by Builders.

Teach your Agents using

vibrant Information compiled by Experts.

Deploy your Agents

quickly to private or shared Containers provided by Hosts.

This process allows for rapid assembly of AI Agents, ready for collaboration in just minutes.
Agencies can also access external resources like APIs, enabling them to interact with a wide range
of services. Agience simplifies the complexity of AI, making powerful solutions more accessible.

Core Components

Agent: An Agent acts as the intermediary, enabling seamless interactions between the Person, data sources, and their environment.
Agency: An Agency brings together a cohesive group of Agents, sharing a common purpose and history to tackle complex tasks.
Function: A Function, crafted by Builders, is the fundamental unit of transformation, designed to manipulate, relay, or link information within the ecosystem.
Plugin: Developed by Builders, a Plugin aggregates related Functions into a comprehensive package that any Person can create, publish, and leverage.
Host Container: Serving as the computational backbone, Host Containers provide the necessary infrastructure for Agent operations, available through both personal infrastructure and Agience’s cloud hosting service.
Resource: Resources are external services, such as APIs, that Agents or Agencies can access, broadening their capabilities and interaction potential.
Information: Information within Agience is structured as distinct datasets, complete with inputs, outputs, and transformation descriptions, fueling the ecosystem’s intelligence and adaptability.

Core Architecture

Authority-Identity: Provides centralized authentication mechanisms for People, Agents, and Hosts, ensuring secure and verified access.
Authority-Manage: Offers tools for the configuration and management of agent assignments and host configurations.
Message Broker: Facilitates seamless interactions between Agencies, Agents, and Hosts on the back-end.
Blockchain: Supports the ecosystem's economic transactions and rewards system, ensuring the integrity and verification of information through immutable records.